I have been a member of QRRRWN for many years.  I have continued this membership as I believe that the QRRRWN connection provides me with an opportunity to stay motivated by hearing other women’s stories, stay connected with up to date information on grants and training.  I have found this really useful in pursuing my own professional and personal goals, and for this reason I will always appreciate my QRRRWN connection. 
Julia Telford | Principal | Engage & Create Consulting

Being a member of QRRRWN has given me the opportunity to meet many wonderful and inspiring ladies from other rural and agricultural businesses and related industries. QRRRWN gives all women the opportunity to educate, support and influence each other through networking and conferences. I have seen the benefits rural family businesses gain through their contact with the QRRRWN community, as well as the wonderful friendships formed over the years I have been a member. 
Dianne Bailey |

Joining QRRRWN has connected me with so many wonderful rural women and it has  given me the confidence to forge ahead with my vision of success. Support, friendship and positive energy are crucial to women like me in rural, regional or remote parts of Queensland.  QRRRWN makes a big difference in many so women’s lives. QRRRWN is a valued  support network and provider of vital information for RRR women. 
Stacey Watson | Bundaberg

Being a member of QRRRWN gave me an opportunity to be part of a community of like minded women who were working in the same area as me therefore experiencing similar challenges to me. QRRRWN was my sounding board, my own little cheer squad to support me in whatever I chose to undertake.  Still to this day, some 20 years later, there are QRRRWN members that I will ring to seek their opinion, their wisdom, their support their counsel and their knowledge of doing business in a regional area. Strength in RRR communities lies in having strong people within those communities.  Strong people need a network that identifies the individuals skills, abilities and most importantly their leadership ability to ensure their survival in our very unique rural, regional and remote parts of Queensland.  QRRRWN is a vital connector and supporter of RRR women.  
Elizabeth Gillam |
Director/Founder | Franchisee Success

QRRRWN has played a significant part in affirming my passion and direction in community engagement and leadership. When the Women of Warwick (WOW) group was just a twinkle in my eye, Georgie (and QRRRWN) jumped on board with admin and auspicing support to get it off the ground. The faith and trust shown by QRRRWN that myself and my colleagues could deliver a valuable group for connection and inspiration was the beginning of multiple successful events that have strengthened the connections and built the capacity of our regional women. WOW has blossomed into a 600+ network of women and I have gone on to co-found or lead a number of other community initiatives that empower, inspire and connect people to each other for mutual benefit. Thanks QRRRWN, for believing in me - you helped start something very good. 
Sue Hamlet |
Fledge | Graphic Design + Community Development

QRRRWN has been a part of my professional life for over 20 years and I have seen it morph from its early beginnings into the organisation that it is today.  As I have moved from full time employment, to full time motherhood and venturing back into the workforce as a self-employed professional, QRRRWN has encouraged me in many different ways at different times of my journey.  The inspiration, energy and strength that is gained from being with a group of like-minded women cannot be underestimated. 
Leisl Coggan |
Project Management Consultant | Regional & Community Development

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