Vision - Purpose - Building Capacity

QRRRWN’s mission is to connect, network and inspire.

Our role is to validate and legitimise the myriad roles of rural, regional and remote women.  

QRRRWN strategic objectives are to develop the capacity of RRR women through education to overcome adversity, develop leadership and participate in decision-making.  QRRRWN uses its networks to reach RRR women and builds their capacity through:

  • Connecting by creating inclusive safe environments and providing capacity building programs
  • Networking RRR women with individuals, businesses, government and organisations
  • Inspiring RRR women to realise their potential, be influential, contribute and share their stories

Fundamental to our purpose is building the capacity of RRR women.

QRRRWN is a multi-generational organisation, with members aged from 2 years to 90 years of age.  Our network is unique in that we don't set agendas or lobby Governments, or fight for the rights of women.  What we spend our time focusing on is building a strong community of women who can support each other.  QRRRWN facilitates access and helps to build the confidence of women to connect and find success in business, organisations and Government.  We create a safe space, where our members can connect and link with each other and share the stories,  knowledge and wisdom that makes our RRR communities stronger.  

Annual Conference: Key to this objective is our annual conference where a local volunteer committee, guided by QRRRWN’s volunteer board, works for 6 months to ensure delivery of this high profile event. The organisation, promotion and facilitation of the Conference is itself a major capacity building exercise. Over 300 attendees from throughout the state and Australia gather to connect, learn and grow from attending workshops, social activities and being inspired by our grass roots and high profile, world-class speakers.  In its 21-year history the conference has proven a successful platform for capacity building with attendees returning to their own regions to pay forward what they have learnt; many establishing and expanding businesses, community organisations and enterprises. 


We are looking to partner with organisations whose in-kind support will support QRRRWN and help us extend our reach and our offerings for RRR women.  Could your organisation offer services to support us: media support, graphic design, technical services?

Contact our CEO Angelique Ettia to see how we can work together for better outcomes for rural, regional and remote women.

Angelique Ettia

Chief Executive Officer

Queensland Rural, Regional and Remote Women’s Network 

Ph: 0407 165 580

e: angé


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PO Box 1568

Toowoomba, QLD 4350
Phone: 1300 795 571

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