History in the making –the first QRWN gathering was held in October 1993 and this photo was taken during a meeting leading up to this event. 

QRWN was founded by Jan Darlington, an inspirational woman from Monto.  Jan teamed up with the first Executive Committee - Pam Somerset, Margaret Cruickshank and Georgie Somerset, and QRWN was born.

In the opening words to the inaugural gathering at Twin Waters, we reflected on the following points:- 

  • A predominant theme in rural Australia is the tough times for rural communities 
  • Queensland Rural Women was born out of the needs and concerns of rural women be they in towns or on farms 
  • Queensland Rural Women will be an informing network mechanism to bring together existing groups and individuals to share information and experiences 

In opening this first Queensland Rural Women's Gathering, everyone attending was wished "joy and happy networking" with the sage advice - "If you have a problem, share it. Let's talk about it. Let's seek solutions." 

23 years on, while the issues may not have changed, we have new generations of women gathering, sharing information in new ways (oh for the Internet back then! We only had faxes!)  and informing each other with new solutions, ideas and inspiration. 

As the times have changed, so has QRWN - now QRRRWN, the Queensland Rural, Regional and Remote Women's Network.  

Information is powerful when it is shared with others, when it gains momentum and brings about change. 

Be the informers and the networkers for the years ahead, share your wisdom, and encourage others. QRRRWN grows and flows with the women in it - use your time together to network wisely as women of influence.  

Throughout 2013, a group of QRRRWN members brought together the history of QRRRWN in the book Celebration of a Network - The QRWN Story.  Copies of the book are available for purchase by contacting QRRRWN.

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